Due to some dropouts, the number of teams playing at the WFDF 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate, in association with BULA is now just under the limit of 120 and there are an odd number of teams in the Mixed, Mixed Masters, Women Masters divisions. When this happens the flexible Beach Ultimate country of Currier Island is traditionally being called upon.

Currier Island has participated at all World Championships of Beach Ultimate since 2004. Their teams consist of internationally diverse players, i.e. preferably not more than 2 players from the same country, and preference is given to players from countries not participating in that division. Although Currier Island can never reach the semi-finals, they are united in their love for Beach Ultimate and Spirit of the Game.

Individuals who want to play for Currier Island at the #WCBU2017 should register at http://bit.ly/CI-2017. Registration is open until Sunday, March 19.