The World Flying Disc Federation and BULA revealed the two versions of the game discs that will be used at the 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate in Royan, France. There will be a white disc and a fluorescent yellow disc. Both are championship level approved Discraft UltraStar 175g discs.

All games that are broadcast will be played with the fluorescent yellow game discs. Tests have shown that the yellow fluorescent disc stands out better on TV and online livestream, making it easier for the viewers to follow the game.

Heat absorbing tests show that the fluorescent yellow disc stays firmer than other colors when exposed to the sun, while in-competition tests showed that there is not a significant impact on play using a fluorescent disc.

Teams playing on fields without broadcast will have the option to choose between white and yellow, with the default being the traditional white disc. Teams are encouraged to play and practice with yellow disc before the WCBU starts.

Fluorescent discs can be purchased at Discraft online retailers. Discraft is a proud partner of the WFDF and WCBU2017.