The Local Organizing Committee (LOC), responsible for the players and all local matters, consists of members of French Flying Disc Federation:

  1. Amandine Constant (TD)
  2. Amaury Guerin (Field Services)
  3. Annie Gibier (Medical)
  4. Charlotte Disle (Catering & meals)
  5. Clementine Bant (Coordination)
  6. Adeline Rocher (Finance and Legal)
  7. Frederic Soubeyran (Food, Social)
  8. Jocelyn Niget (French PR)
  9. Jose Pires (Onsite Internet access)
  10. Kevin Roux (Statistics)
  11. Laurent Gauthier (Spirit of the Game management)
  12. Ludovic Romano (Field Services)
  13. Michael Dufour (Player and site security)
  14. Raphael Mathe (Accommodation and Transportation)
  15. Stephanie Vu (French Volunteers)
  16. Thomas Peron (French Partnerships, Broadcast, Media)

BULA is responsible for the overall event, communication, partnerships, and volunteers:

  • Bruno Gravato (IT and Stats)
  • Justin Palmer (Website)
  • Pedro Vargas (Event Manager)
  • Patrick van der Valk (International Broadcast, Media, and Partnerships)
  • Shiellah Quintos (International Volunteers)

The World Flying Disc Federation is responsible for supervising, communication with national federations, and ensuring the event is in accordance to WFDF standards:

  • Karina Woldt (Event Manager)
  • Kate Barabanova (Spirit Director)