Spirit of the Game (SotG)

As Beach Ultimate is a self-refereed sport, playing with Spirit of the Game, and adhering to the WFDF code of conduct, is essential.

Players have the responsibility to know the rules and it is expected that all players follow the WFDF rules accreditation requirements. This means that all players have passed the Basic Rules test on the WFDF website and at least 50% of players on each team have successfully passed the Advanced Rules quiz. More info on rules accreditation.

Naturally, celebrating the unique existence of Spirit of the Game is important. As such an award is given to one team in each division that had the highest average Spirit score. Scores are given by the other teams using the 2014 WFDF & BULA SotG Scoring System.

Spirit Captains

Each team will need to assign a Spirit of the Game Captain. The tasks of the Spirit Captain are only undertaken when they are off the field. The Spirit Captain is responsible to:

  • Get player agreement on a SOTG score given to the other teams at the end of each day
  • Hand in the SOTG scores to the WCBU Spirit Director at the end of the day
  • Liaise with the WCBU Spirit Director if any SOTG issues arises
  • Communicate with other Spirit Captains if needed

It is practical that all representatives speak English whenever possible and it is recommended that this person not the same person as the regular captain.

WFDF Spirit Captains’ Manual
Guidelines on how to be a good Spirit Captain