We are offering a variety of options (cost, quality): Camping, Holiday camp, Chalets, Hotel 3 & 4*. They are close to the venue (10min walking max or 10min by shuttle). Please note that it will be difficult to house larger teams/nations in the same facility – we kindly ask you to be prompt in selecting your option if you want to get your team together.

Pre-booking is open until the end of September. Starting in October we won’t be able to guarantee enough beds.

To book the Hotel 2* and Hotel 3* options, teams should contact the hotels directly (links below) and indicate the code “WCBU2017” during the booking procedure. For any other option, booking should be done via e-mail:

Links to specific hotels are available below the image.


Hotel Links

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A transportation service will be provided to shuttle the teams from the event accommodation  for those hotels that are not within a walk of less than 10min to the Venue.

Please note the shuttle bus is only available to those who purchase the event hotel package with the TOC. Access to buses will be clearly marked on your event accreditation. Buses will run on a pre-arranged timetable which will be advised closer to the event.

Evening Food

We understand the importance of your food and we have done our best to find the right balance between quantity, quality and cost.

We are expecting evening meal plans to be based at the venue or at your individual accommodation. You will be welcome to book the diner package direct with the accommodation.

The evening meal plans will be from 18th June – 24th June inclusive, i.e. 7 dinners.


We will propose different lunch week packages, as soon as possible. They will be available at the Venue.

During the day it will be also possible to buy food for lunch and other snacks at the Venue. There to be concession stands that will offer other food options on site. There are also supermarkets within a few minutes’ walk of the venue.


Breakfast will be included in all accommodation options and available at your accommodation.