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Moving bags from shaded areas

Could all players and teams ensure that their bags are removed from the shaded areas once their games have finished in order to allow the next team on the pitch to use the area.

21 June 2017|

Disposing of sharp objects

We would like bring attention to the drop off points for disposing any sharp objects while staying in Royan. Please dispose of medical sharps waste such as used epi pens, insulin pens, needles, syringes and [...]

21 June 2017|

Changes to bus stops

There have been changes to the stops for the shuttle bus due to the music festival. The last bus from the Field 4 stop will depart at 5.30pm, as car access to the street will [...]

21 June 2017|

Safety zones on the fields

Teams are reminded to respect the 3m and 5m safety zones and to ask their supporters to do so as well. We are seeing a lot of spectators or teams from other divisions supporting games [...]

21 June 2017|

Tonight, pétanque @ 8 pm

Tonight at 8 pm there is a typical French ball sport tournament: pétanque (joue de boule) in the Zen space behind the large tent. It's fun, free, and French. Its WCBU2017! Come and join us.

20 June 2017|

INFO: Sand socks available from Five Ultimate

Any players who would like to purchase sand socks can do so from Five Ultimate. The order MUST be placed before 4pm today, and the socks will be delivered tomorrow morning. The collection point will [...]

20 June 2017|

Spirit checks

All players and coaches should be aware that from tomorrow, spot checks for rules accreditation will be carried out. We will check: All teams who got “0” All teams who got Spirit score 6 and [...]

20 June 2017|

IMPORTANT: Online schedule error for fields 9, 10, and 11

All teams should note that, due to an error, the version of the schedule on the system is incorrect. The error only affects games on pitches 9 to 11, and may result in teams showing [...]

20 June 2017|

IMPORTANT: Parking around Royan on Wednesday

Players should be advised there is a country-wide festival of culture happening on Wednesday 21st June. This is likely to affect parking around the venue. Please make sure to read the signs around town carefully [...]

19 June 2017|

Microphones on streaming pitches

As a reminder to all players, coaches and guests who are playing on pitches 1, 2 and 3: Our mics are quite sensitive and have been picking up the sideline a lot over the first [...]

19 June 2017|
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