Following some discussion at the captains meeting, here are some important rules clarifications to note for all teams.

First, the pitch is determined by the actual physical lines on the field, rather than the straight point between cones. Therefore if the lines blow in the wind or are dragged out of position by players, the physical line will still represent what is in and what is out, whether that line is straight or not.

Second, half time occurs when a team reaches 7 points. If, after 25 minutes, neither team has reached 7, then a cap of 1 will be added to the highest score when the point in progress has finished, and when that cap is reached it will be half time. Therefore, if after 25 minutes it is 3-2 and the point has finished, a cap of 1 point will be added so half time is when a team reaches 4. If the 25 minute cap comes on during the 3-2 point, the cap will be at 4 if the score becomes 3-3 or 5 if the score becomes 4-2.

Third, the process for the flip at the beginning of the game is as follows: first flip for offence or defence, second flip for gender ratio in mixed division games and the third flip for shirt colours should a clash occur.

Finally, timeouts CAN BE TAKEN after time has been called if a point is still in progress.

If you have any more questions, please contact the TOC or visit the WFDF office in the main tent.