Thursday’s schedule has been slightly modified to increase online viewership of the WCBU:

Rounds 1-3 (ie. 9h00- 11h20) – No change

Round 4 (12h30) – MIXQ2 (the winner of RUS-ESP vs the winner of USA-IRL) will move to Field 1 and will be broadcast. MIXQ1 will move to Field 2 and will not be broadcast

Round 5 (13h40) – No change

Round 6 (14h50) – MENQ4 on Arena 1 will now be broadcast

Round 7 (16h00) – MMENS2 on Arena 1 will no longer be broadcast (but still will be played there)

Round 8 (17h10) – MWMNS2 will be moved from Arena 1 and replaced with a Women Quarter Finals. It is not determined which game. That decision will be made after the round 5 has been completed, around 14:45

Round 9 (18h20) – The choice of Men’s semi-finals on Arena 1 (currently MENS1) will be determined at 16h00

Round 10 (19h30) – No change

The online system will be updated to reflect these changes by 9 am.